When present, the factory-startup parameter for

netconfd-pro forces the system to use the factory

configuration and delete the startup config file if it

exists. It also forces the NV-storage startup to

contain the factory default configuration.

If the factory-startup parameter is present, then

the --no-startup and --startup parameters cannot

be present.

The factory-startup parameter can be invoked via the command line:

user@system> netconfd-pro --factory-startup

or configured in the /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf file:

#### choice startup or no-startup or factory-startup


#  Selects the startup configuration file to use

#  - To skip loading any startup file, and save to the default

#    if needed, use 'no-startup'

#  - To skip loading any startup file, and force the startup file

#    to be the factory default, use 'factory-startup'

#  - To use a specific startup file, use an absolute filespec

#  - To use a specific startup file in the YUMAPRO_DATAPATH, use a relative

#    filespec.


# startup startup-cfg.xml