The with-yp-coap-dtls parameter only applies to source code users of YumaPro SDK

who have built YumaPro SDK with the WITH_COAP=1 compiler flag and have configured

the with-yp-coap parameter to true on their instance of netconfd-pro. 

The with-yp-coap-dtls parameter dictates that YP-CoAp protocol will use the

Datagram Transport Layer Security Protocol (DTLS) defined in RFC 6347.

The with-yp-coap-dtls parameter can be invoked via the command line when starting netconfd-pro:

user@system> netconfd-pro --with-yp-coap-dtls=true

or can be set in the configuration file for netconfd-pro (default location is /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf):

#### leaf with-yp-coap-dtls
# If set to 'true', then the YP-CoAP over DTLS protocol will be
# enabled. Otherwise, the YP-CoAP over DTLS protocol
# will not be enabled.  This protocol is secure.
# It SHOULD be used instead of YP-CoAP without DTLS
# with-yp-coap-dtls false
with-yp-coap-dtls true

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