It is very easy to upgrade from 17.10 to 19.10 or 18.10 to 19.10.

YumaWorks follows the following strict programming rules that ensure backward compatibility with existing server behaviour

  • No API Changes: Customer facing API functions are never changed. Instead, new variants are added over time as needed.
  • No CLI Changes: Existing CLI parameters are almost never changed. If a CLI parameter has been found to cause operational problems, it might be changed in a future release. 
  • Deprecation before Removal: In the rare case where an existing API or CLI parameter is removed, it will be marked as "deprecated" for at least a year before removal.

If your current release version is 17.10, refer to Upgrading to YumaPro SDK 18.10 first.

The following changes apply to the YumaPro SDK 19.10 release train:

  • There is no any changes that can block migration from 18 to 19 release train

The following new features are added to the YumaPro SDK 19.10 release train:

Refer to the CLI Parameter List for details on parameters added to each release train.