Usually, SIL-SA code is run in your own custom process, so you would need to set up

your debugger however it is done in your system.

You can test SIL-SA libraries using the sil-sa-app test program.

It will start a subsystem and attempt to register with the main server.

You can debug the "main.c" file in the sil-sa-app/src directory.

This is usually located in /usr/local/share/yumapro/src/sil-sa-app/src.

The sil-sa-app will not do much unless there are SIL-SA libraries found in the YUMAPRO_RUNPATH

and the YANG modules for these libraries are loaded by the server.

For example, the SIL-SA library for "foo.yang" is "".

Run the server. The "subsys-timeout" is normally 30 seconds. The value "0" will prevent any server timeout.


> netconfd-pro --module=foo --subsys-timeout=0


Run the sil-sa-app program in another shell, or start a debugger running this program:


> sil-sa-app --log-level=debug2 --subsys-id=subsys1