By default, netconfd-pro loads the following modules:

Module NameDescription
Standard YANG networking data types from RFC 6991
ietf-netconfStandard YANG data model for NETCONF protocol operations from RFC 6241.
Standard NETCONF Access Control Model (NACM) from RFC 6536.
Standard NETCONF monitoring data model and <get-schema> operation from RFC 6022 to retrieve YANG modules from the server.
ietf-netconf-notificationsStandard NETCONF Base Notifications such as <netconf-config-change> from RFC 6470
ietf-netconf-partial-lockStandard NETCONF and operations from RFC 5717 to support concurrent non-overlapping database edits.
ietf-netconf-with-defaultsStandard NETCONF :with-defaults capability extensions to the <get> and <get-config> operations, from RFC 6243.
ietf-restconfStandard RESTCONF protocol message artifacts from RFC 8040
ietf-restconf-monitoringStandard RESTCONF monitoring from RFC 8040
ietf-yang-libraryStandard YANG Module Library for RESTCONF and YANG 1.1 from RFC 7895
ietf-yang-patchStandard YANG Patch Media Type used by RESTCONF and DB-API from RFC 8072
Standard YANG data types from RFC 6991
nc-notificationsNotification streams monitoring data from RFC 5277
Netconf Central YANG module for <create-subscription> operation from RFC 5277.
Netconf Central YANG language extensions.
yuma-systemNetconf Central YANG module for NETCONF system management and notifications. Control parameter: --with-yuma-system
yuma-time-filterNetconf Central YANG module for time-stamp based filtered of configuration data.
yuma-typesNetconf Central YANG module for extended data types.
YumaWorks YANG module adds configurable event type filtering for notification delivery.
yumaworks-extensionsYumaWorks YANG language extensions.
yumaworks-getbulkYumaWorks <get-bulk> NETCONF protocol operation
yumaworks-idsYumaWorks YANG identities.
yumaworks-restconfYumaWorks RESTCONF monitoring extensions
YumaWorks RESTCONF confirmed commit extensions
YumaWorks extensions for CM maintenance such as the backup, restore, and delete-backup operations.
yumaworks-templatesYumaWorks configuration templates extension to <edit-config>
YumaWorks YANG data type extensions.

The following modules are built as SIL libraries and are not loaded by default. They can be loaded with the --module parameter instead.

Example: To load the toaster module, use CLI parameter --module=toaster or use config file parameter module toaster

Module NameDescription
toasterExample SIL module.
yuma-arpNetconf Central YANG module for Linux ARP management.
yuma-interfacesNetconf Central YANG module for Linux interface monitoring.
yuma-procNetconf Central YANG module for Linux /proc system information.
yuma-typesNetconf Central YANG module for extended data types.
yuma-mysessionNetconf Central YANG module for setting and retrieving session-specific session parameters.

Which YANG modules netconfd-pro loads upon startup is determined by the server's configuration file, netconfd-pro.conf.

The default file location for netconfd-pro.conf is /etc/yumapro/. When you first install YumaPro you will find a netconfd-pro-sample.conf in /etc/yumapro/.

Simply copy netconfd-pro-sample.conf to netconfd-pro.conf, then use a text editor to specify which modules netconfd-pro will load at boot time.

For more information on configuring which YANG modules will be loaded when your netconfd-pro server boots, please read about using the --module parameter.

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