For Mac OSX users, if you install yangcli-pro 16.10-x over an installed

15.10-x version of yangcli-pro you may see that yangcli-pro fails to start after installation:

> yangcli-pro
  yangcli-pro: init returned error (definition not found)

This is caused by the presence of one or more outdated YANG modules on your system.

This issue can be resolved by removing the outdated module in question.

As of yangcli-pro version 16.10-2 released November 2016 there is only one such outdated

module shipped with yangcli-pro. This is the ietf-yang-library.yang file, which has been moved

from the /usr/local/share/yumapro/modules/ietf/DRAFT folder to the

/usr/local/share/yumapro/modules/ietf/RFC folder, to reflect the new standardization of RFC 7895.

To remove the outdated version of ietf-yang-library.yang from your Mac, use the following terminal command:

> rm /usr/local/share/yumapro/modules/ietf/DRAFT/ietf-yang-library.yang