All YANG-based tools need to be configured as to where YANG modules are located on the file system.

Within the netconfd-pro server, the --module parameter is used to specify a module to load at boot-time.

The --modpath CLI parameter is used to configure the module search path.

The environment variable YUMAPRO_MODPATH can be used for the same purpose.

Read more about using YUMAPRO_MODPATH and other variables in our overview of environment variables.

Module Search Order

*   1) current directory
*   2) YUMAPRO_MODPATH environment var (or set by modpath CLI var)
*   3) HOME/modules directory
*   4) YUMAPRO_HOME/modules directory
*   5a) YUMAPRO_INSTALL/modules directory OR
*   5b) default install module location: '/usr/share/yumapro/modules'
*   6) start-dir/modules

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