All YumaPro tools can to be configured as to where static data files are located on the file system.

These are files that are read by a tool, such as an XML or JSON file used in yangcli-pro.

The --datapath CLI parameter is used to configure the data file search path.

The environment variable YUMAPRO_DATAPATH can be used for the same purpose.

Data File Search Order

* 1) YUMA_DATAPATH environment var (or set by datapath CLI var)
* 2) current directory or absolute path
* 3) HOME/data directory
* 4) YUMAPRO_HOME/data directory
* 5) HOME/.yumapro/ directory
* 6a) YUMAPRO_INSTALL/data directory OR
* 6b) /usr/share/yumapro/data directory
* 7) /etc/yumapro directory
* 8) start-dir/data