Tickets created by sending email to or submitted directly to our ticketing system at have several types, priorities, and associated statuses that are outlined below:

asking technical questions
reporting a potential problem to be fixed
reporting a potential problem that is causing a customer site outage
Feature Request
asking to add a feature to enhance YumaPro SDK

When reporting a Problem or Incident please review the article: I'm having a problem and I think it is a bug. How do I file a bug report?  to expedite resolution.

No real impact on functionality: aesthetic errors, enhancements
Licensed Software is functional but is behaving inconsistently, i.e. causing the system to show incorrect, incomplete, or inconsistent results; usability issues for non-critical functionalities
Failure that prevents the Licensed Software from meeting requirements or carrying out a feature; usability issues for critical functionalities
Failure that prevents the Licensed Software from functioning to the point that it becomes impossible to provide core functionality

the ticket is currently being processed
In Progressthe ticket is currently being worked on
a fix has been committed to the code base and is awaiting release
Confirmingthe fix has been released and YumaWorks is awaiting confirmation that the issue is resolved
the fix has been confirmed to have resolved the issue
the ticket has finished being worked on
Waiting on Customer
waiting for some information or feedback from the ticket submitter
Waiting on Third Party
waiting on information from a Third Party

The Most Common Status workflows:

Open -> In Progress -> Pending -> Confirming -> Resolved -> Closed

This is typically the case with tickets for bugs, e.g. Type:Problem. The ticket is initially Status:Open as it is being worked on. When a fix has been created the ticket moves to Status:Pending indicating it will be available in the next YumaPro SDK release. When the release is issued the ticket moves to Status:Resolved. After two days the ticket  is automatically moved to Status:Closed.

During the time the ticket is in Status:Open it can be moved into Status:Waiting on Customer. When the information is provided by the ticket submitter the ticket moves back into Status:Open

Open -> Closed

This is typically the case with tickets of Type:Question that have been answered or Type:Problem that turn out to not be an issue.

NOTE: if a ticket is in status other than Status:Open, e.g. Status:Closed, and the ticket submitter adds a note to the ticket the ticket will revert to Status:Open.