The yumaworks-system YANG module contains several NETCONF extensions that increase server functionality:

Backup Management

  • Add <running>  configuration backup management:
    • rpc backup
    • rpc delete-backup
    • rpc restore
  • Add backup file information to /netconf-state subtree
    • container backup-files

Dynamic Module Management

  • Add RPCs to manage dynamic YANG module instrumentation:
    • load
    • load-bundle
    • unload
    • unload-bundle

NETCONF Enhancements

  • Add conformance information to the /netconf-state/schemas/schema list
    • leaf conformance
    • leaf module-type
  • Add RPC to cancel a notification subscription:
    • cancel-subscription
  • Add RPC for module-tag support
    • get-module-tags
  • Add RPC to change the server log-level
    • set-log-level

Enabling and Disabling the Module

The --with-yumaworks-system CLI parameter is used to enable or disable this module.

It is enabled by default so the parameter only needs to be used to disable the module.

> netconfd-pro --with-yumaworks-system=true

> netconfd-pro --with-yumaworks-system=false