YumaPro SDK is released on a reliable and predictable schedule so our customers can accurately plan for the different phases in their development cycle and choose the level of stability they require.

The YumaPro SDK 5-year release cycle is described here: https://www.yumaworks.com/features/yumapro-sdk-release-information/

New release trains are started every 12 months. 

Release are numbered:  <major_release_train_number>.<minor_release_train_number>-<release_number>. For example: 19.10-4.


YumaPro SDK is released in three product lines:

  1. Free products: YumaPro SDK Basic and YumaPro Client
  2. Binary licensed products: https://www.yumaworks.com/features/licensing/ 
  3. Source Code licensed products: https://www.yumaworks.com/features/licensing/

1, the free products are released every three months. 

2, and 3. the Binary and Source Code licensed products are released each month on the third Thursday to customers that have a current YumaPro Support License.

Each release contains the cumulative enhancements, bug fixes and feature updates that are relevant to the product. Release notes accompany each release and are also published to the "yumapro-release" mailing list.

All bug fixes, features and enhancements are supplied in the latest release of each train.

Older release trains that are in Maintenance Mode will only have a release is there are bug fixes that are relevant to that train.

Severity 1/Security bugs:

If a Severity 1/Security bug is found in YumaPro SDK YumaWorks may issue an interim release and not wait for the next scheduled release.

For Source Code license customers:

  • snapshot releases are done ASAP for severity 1 bugs
  • snapshot releases for developer-blocking bugs will be provided ASAP upon request, often within 48 hours

YumaWorks will not provide patches. These are inherently unstable. We provide a whole release snapshot that has passed our regression test facility.

Custom support programs can be arranged. Please contact sales@yumaworks.com.