You get a YANG compiler error because the "default" keyword is not accepted for a leaf-list.

This feature is not allowed in YANG 1.0. It was added in YANG 1.1.

andy@andy-i9-homedev:~/modules$ yangdump-pro codetest

Error:  Got 'default', Expected: keyword
codetest.yang:16.10: error(246): wrong token value

Error:  Got 'semicolon', Expected: keyword
codetest.yang:16.26: error(245): wrong token type


The "yang-version 1.1" statement is probably missing from your module.

Check the very top of the module.

It should be the first statement found inside the module.

module codetest {
    yang-version 1.1;
    namespace "";
    prefix "ct";

    // rest of module


Example YANG

    container top {
      leaf a {
        type int32;
      leaf-list b {
         type int32;
         default "14 42 -7";